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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Parks Monthly Report, May 1918"

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"opy from 

PILE IJU.143, 

May, 1918. 






Yellowstone Park, Wyo., ____, 191.... 


Super intendent • 

June 10, 1918. 

The Bireotor, 

Rational Park Service, 

Bepartraent of the Interior, 
Washington, B. C. 


I hare the honor to submit my report of conditions 
in the park for the month of Hay, 1918. 

The Yollowstane Rational Park was set aside by 
Act of Congress March 1, 1872, (Sees. 2474 and 2475, R. S., 
17 Stat., S3) as a pleamarlng-ground for the benefit and 
enjoyment of the people, and placed under the exolusive oon- 
trol of the Secretary of the Interior, who was authorised 
to make such rules and regulations as he deems necessary for 
the oare and management of the ark. It Is situated prin- 
cipally In northwestern Wyoming, but laps over a little more 
than two miles into Montana on the north, and almost two 
miles into Slontana and Idaho on the west. Its dimensions 
are about 62 miles north and south, and about 54 miles east 
and west, giring an area of about 3,348 square miles, or 
2,142,720 acres. Its altitude Is 6,000 to 11,000 feet. 

The park was governed by civilian superintendents, 
assisted by a few eoouts, from the t*me it was set aside 
until August 10, 1886, when, under authority contained in 
the Sundry Civil Bill, approved March 3, 1683, at the re- 
quest of the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of 
War detailed troops of United states Catalry to protect it, 
the oomnanding officer acting as park superintendent under 
the direct orders of the Secretary of the Interior. On 
October 16, 1916, by mutual agreement of the heads of the 
two Departments, the troops were withdrawn from the park and 
a civilian superintendent, with a corps of 25 rangers for 
patrol and protection work, and a few civilian employees 

for other duties, were designated by the Secretary 


ef the Interior to replace than. The Sundry CItII Bill, 
approved Jane 12, 1917, (Publio Bo* 21, 65th Congress) con- 
tained a clause .;hioh made It necessary for the troops to he 
returned to the park for the purpose of patrolling it, and 
they were returned on Jane 26, 1917, relieving the park 
superintendent of so much of the duties as pertained to 

The maintenance and construction of roads, bridges, 
and improvements in Yellow-atone Park, is carried on by special 
appr o pr iation under the VajP Department, the work being 
locally in charge of an offioer of the D. S. Snglneer Depart- 
ment, known as the District Snglneer Offioer, who reports 
direotly to the Chief ef 'Engineers, although his orders 
direct him to report to the Park Superintendent for duty. 
278.8 miles of main read and 24.75 miles of eeeondary road 
are located in the park, and 106*5 miles of main road are 
maintained by the sane department in the forest reeerree 
adjoining the park on the south and east. Major Qeoxge ::. 
▼errill, Sngineers, U. S. Beserres, is at the present time 
in charge ef improvement work in the park, ae District 
Snglneer. A eepy of his report for the month ef Kay will 
be forwarded when received. 

fhe local off lee of the U. S. leather Bureau, De- 
of Agrieulture, la in charge of Mr. ft. B, 

Park Headquarters for all departzaenta and meat of 
the concessioners, is located at Mammoth Bet Springe. A tele- 
phone aystem connects Headquarters with the sub-stations. A 
hydro-electric power plant furnishes the light for the build- 
ings and grounds at Headquarters. V/ater, eleotrio current, 
and telephone service are furnished other departnents of the 
Government in the park by the Rational Park Servioe, without 
eharge. During May the hydro-eleotrio fewer plant waa run 
daily from 4.00 HI until 8.00 AM, and waa continued during the 
day when any necessity existed. 

Fonda for purposes of administration ef the park, 
and for the care end maintenance ef buffalo and ether animals, 
are obtained from special appro priat lone by Congress, 
derived from various aouroea in the park. 


V r 

She mean temperature for Hay was 42*5, whieh was 
4.9 below normal, though the extreme temperatures were not 
unusual. Bight inches of mow foil, but It melted soon of tor 
falling, and not mora than an inob was an the groan* at any 
on* time. Growing oonditlons for TOgetatlon were excellent, 
and all wild animals bad the beet of grazing. Snow in the 
upper park melted to euah an extent that the roads were open 
at the and of itoy to Harris, Upper Basin, Yellowstone, 

west side of the pane, and to Soda Butte and Cooks City, north- ' 

east from laauoth. Golden Gate was opened by employees of 
the Yellowstone Parle transportation Company on iiay 1st. 

'1 ; 

A total of M permanent and 1 temporary sBpleyees 

oarried on tbe pay roll daring the month of Bay, namely 

one ohief . olork, (doting Superintendent) one olark, ens chief 

soout, eight soouts, one buffalo keeper, one assistant buffalo 
keeper, one buffalo herder, two telephone ewitohboard operators, 
one lineman, one electrician, one assistant electrician, one 
laborer, eaa plumber, end one temporary assistant electrician. 

la addition to 


the above one small 


during the month in constructing a f irelane from Gardiner, 
lion tana, to Slough Creek, up the north bank of the Yellowstone 
Hiver, sad another erew was engaged in cutting out that part 
of the north boundary line of the park from Gardiner east, 
the line In tbe open by monuments. 

. V 

One man was employed as an irrigator by tbe day at 
tbe buffalo farm, repairing ditches sad assisting with general 


teamster with a hoary 4-horse team was employed 
the month plowing and oultiTatiag the 45-l/2-acre 
alfalfa field near Gardiner, Montana, and another msn was em- 
ployed as a teamster for seven days driving one of our mule 
teams to seed this field. Tbe hoariest part of the Blowing 
was dene by a Eolte Caterpillar traetor, loaned by the 
Distriot ^ineer Officer with its crew of two men for the 
purpose. This machine was in use 12-3/4 days, plowing in 
that time 40 acres. It pulled a 4-bottom gang plow and hitched 
behind that a heavy 7-foot tandem disc harrow, doing the work 
of at least 20 extra heavy draft horses. 



A 4-horee team with drlTar were employed on 
Hirer at tha buffalo fans after May 17th, seeding naadn land. 

Distribution . regular employees: Chief 

Ho Brio* spent wot of hlo tlao taring tbo month la la/lag 
oat tha flrelane being built aerth of tha Tallovataaa Hirer 
between Gardiner aad Sleagh Croak, and la keeping tha erew 
cutting aat tha aarth llaa aa tha right traak. Saoat Little 
pa troll ad to lean? Hirer, ho Yellowstone, Montana, aaa palato 
west froa Mammoth Bat Springs U tha rlolnity of Lleetrlo 
Peak. 8oout Brooks patrol lad tha oaathara aaa s o uth wos 
oornaro af tha park. Saoat la porta aaa aa duty la tha 
Fallo district during tha aonth. Saoat Dewing aaa 
all tha aonth la aorklag with Deaald sterenaoa, tha proaatarj 
aalaal haatar of tha U. 8. Molaglaal Murray, hnatlag predatory 
animals la tha rlolnity of tha buffalo fara, Lamar llTor, aad 
fewer falla. Saaato Paaad, lima, frlaohm. waro on duty 
aoot of tha aonth at, aaa la tha rlolnity af, haadcaartors, 
assisting la polio lag grounds, oaring far property aad horoas 
halonglag to tha Depertneat, rapalrlag aad raaalag aotar 
for hauling, wnl e n din g who owl ag ap aad 
■aw aotar traaka, whlah arrired aa Hay 26th. 
aaa raballt about two all aa af wlra foaaa. Inclos- 
ing a f laid at Mammoth far aaa t suah aalisala aa ara raqelred 
far dally uaa hara. Saoat Salth patrollod Blaaktall Deer 
Croak aad Lawar Tallowatoaa eountry Hay lat to 18th, aftar 
whlah data ha aaa otatlonad an Blaaktall Dear Craak looking 
aftar tha Interior Soparbaaat horaao, ahloh ■ara tarns d oat 
to grass to aara snpennire fox 

the buffalo keeper, his assistant aad tha 
wore on duty at tha buffalo fan, earing for tha taste buffalo 
hard, assisting with seeding aaadaw lead, aad do lag 
polios sad other werk Incident to tha 

employees waro aa duty at Headquarters, main 
V talnlag aad operating telephone lines, water system, and 
Plant, buildings, eta. 

860 telephone solas wore oat aad dellTered at tha 
roadside by eontraot, aad tha lineman waa charged with super - 
rising aad laspeotlng this work la addition to his other daties. 

MX BfcsssaM' Aa following leaves of ahi 
tad daring tha aonth t 

Cheater A. Llndalay, ohlef olerk, from noon, 17th, 
18tb| 1 day. 

Henry 0. B*Baart, laborer, from noon, 18th, to 
noon, Xlat; from noon, 29th, to and inaltaHng Hot; total 

• ftir* 

Harold I* Jonea, planber, frora noon, 25th, to 
28th; 2 lay*. 

Annolntaanta i 'alter P. Hoppo mm appointed buffalo 
harder at ^900 par nan, effect ira Hay 1, 1918. 

laMlfTOtitiTII- Hanry 0. D»3wt, laborer, ,900 par 
annua, aubnitted hla reaignation to beeome ef fee tire at the 
oloae of Hay 90, 1918. 

Tl¥aWll8l At the eloee of Hay Slat there were 
the following Taaenelee: 1 aaelatant aleetrlolan at £1200 
pv annua, 1 lineman at £900 par annum, and 1 alarm at 11200 


Darin? the «mth amployeea of thla offloe 
War Serine and Thrift Starapa to the amount of yl*f »8». 

27«h, kneea aa "lad Creaa Week" , 
a and other realdanta of Hanaoth, 
a total of y 8T8.00 to the 
nring the* week. 

On May 19th all aarplna horeea, not naade d for 
\ /- laaedlate nao, aero tamed eat to grmaa en BlaOktall Beer 
v Crook. Soout amlth vea with then to aee that they did not 
■tray, until they had beeome aaonetoiaail to the range, and a 

aooat visits the herd oooaelonally to aee that they ara all 
N right. The fenee aroand an old paatare at Macraeth eaa re- 

paired by the aotrata, f or aae of enefa antaala aa are kept 
for general nee, and they are graaed aoat of the time, 
a large quantity of hay whleh ia now axpenaiTe 




Grazing was nost excellent. The only donestlo 
v animals graaefl nn the horses of this Eeperteent, and a few 

hired as peak aninalo, or for oonskraetion work hy the 
Engineer Depart :wit, and four draft Borneo in uee by the 
Camping Company at their Kamooth 


Plating was good In moat streaas In the northern 
part of the park, and was Indulged la to a eonsilerafcle ex- 
tent by residents of the park and Tlolnlty. 

Several employees of the Transportation 
were present in the park, engaged in preparing for the 
opening ef the tourist season, and matins "ows Minor tmprore 
meats to buildings. The wark ef remodeling an old building 
formerly used as a granary into a mess house for employees 
oonploted. A little work was done by those employees shorel 
lag snow on the Marooth-Korrle road before it was opened far 

A fow employees of the Hotel Company ware at work 
»tr during the month. 

The Camping Oompaay began getting the 
In readiness for the tourist season, and had a fow 
most of the month. 

>, Considerable work was done by the Engineer Depart- 

ment on the roads in the Tlolnlty ef lamaoth. 

One man was employed with a 4-horee team becfimlia: 
Bay 18th harrowing the land plowed last aaamor at the buffalo 
fan, preparing the soil for seeding, whieh is being done 
this aonth. 



The 4Sfr sere alfalfa field at Gardiner was plowed 
up sad seeded to oats to be out for hay f or wild animals. 
Six acres of this was plowed with a heary i-horao tan hlrod 
with drirer for the purpose, aadtne balance was plies* by 
a 75-horeepower "Holte" eaterplllar tractor, hired with crew 
ef two am from the U. S. aarlncor Off lee. Only the actual 
oost ef operation plus a reasonable amount of wear sal tear 
of the machine was ohazgcd for this work, sad as It did the 
wane aaeh faster thaa It could hare been done with teems, 
It enabled as to get the crop la early enough to insure a 
fair crop ef hay. The oost was also considerably less 
It would hare been with 

las area building a flrelane north of the Tellow- 
ElTer, la en easterly direction from Oardiner, made good 
progress. About 14 miles had been ooapletad at the eat ef 
Kay, but the aost expenslre part, through hoary slide rook, 
was In c lu ded in the part finished. This work will bo completed 
before the end of the pr e seat acnth, when a complete report 
will be submitted. 

the crew cutting out the north line from fardinar 
east, eompleted the work to the Tlelnlty ef Bellroartar Creek, 

. three miles on bop of 
be left for later work ea account ef mreesmt deep saow. About 

alios were completed. 

le Kay, ef Urlngstea, Montana, bad a 
ef a route far a mew road which he is 
build between Oardiner and Cooke City, 
tiie park, with an idea of later making a surrey of t 

Heport of monies collected, transmitted, das, eto. , 
Is inclosed en the regular 


lo particular changes were noted In the natural 
of the park from April. 


Hint— n risitors entered the park from the northern 
entrance, oomlng as far a* lamnoth Bat Springs. Bane vara 
recorded from tba othar entrances. 

Special rial tars vara recorded aa follows: 

Mr. J>» 1. Reaburn, Superintendent of str. Rainier 
Rational Park, was hara Hay 6th to 8th, looking orer the 
"Gardiner Slide" and making a special report on this difficult 

Br. 6. A. Hamilton, «bo has a store concession at 
TJpper Basin, arrlred on Bay 6th to oaks preparations for his 
swiiani' Business. 

Bra. A. K. Fryer, vao baa a concession far a curio 
stare at Maaaotfc, returned from spending the trtnter in Oall- 
fornla on Bay 9th, 

Or. R. E. Oohenaur, Inspector in Charge of the 
Blsmarok office of the D. s. Bureau of Animl Industry, was 
"lay 16th to 17th. 

Beaars. Potter, Adama, alley, and Shear, of the U. S, 
Forest Sarriae, visited Bamooth an Bay 27th and 28th, in 
connection with the problem of future ©are of the elk herds, 
to which they are siring special attention. 

Bra. Root. 0. Morris visited Hanraoth an Bay 29th 
aid 30th, en route to her sunnier hone on Slough Creek Just 
outside the northern boundary line of the park. She is giring 
us aome assistance in eouneetion with marking that portion of 
the north line of the park situated in the vicinity of 3] 

-7 tip '.urmifi . 

All reports indicate that wild animals seen are in 
splendid condition. Share la an abundance of grass for elk, 
deer, antelope* aheap and all harbiTaroua anioals. vhile 
they bare suffered somewhat from ravages of welres and coyotes, 
reports indicate that conditions in this raspaat hara ira- 
sinoe April. 

She elk are gradually working teak toward* the miimwi' 
», tat are remaining on low ground longer than usual. Scout 
Sewing estimate* about 6,000 in the country which was patrolled 
by ate during the month, fras Black-tail, to Soda Butte. 3oout 
Laoombe, ube waa at Sower Falls Gtation, reported finding (as V""" 
dead elk during the izxrath, Qoet of which he thought had teen 
killed V wolves, but towards the end of the month the wolves 
seemed to leave the Specimen Ridge district, and have act 
been much in evidence since. 

itoelvc coyotes and aeveu wolves were killed during 


Ho cases ef poaching or violation of law were 

The onrenanaing officer of troops wee obliged to have 
the soldiers stationed at outposts eons in to the pest at 
different tines during the month for target practice, and in 
■erne eases they have net yet been cent back, but arrangements 
are being made to de so soon, foe property at the stations 
mostly belongs to this Bopartment, and I regret to say that 
in many eases it has net been safe-guarded and I expect to 
find much of it abort when the stations are re-garrisoned. 
X have experienced much difficulty In getting 
receipts for property furnished for these stations. 

Completion of the looational and pictorial Index of 
structures end improvesents in the park, as suggested by your 
letter of June 15, 1917, provided sufficient additional 
clerical assistance is procured. 

Special care of wild and domestic animals, and 

destruction ef wolves and coyotes. 

Bepair and maintenance of telephone lines, and con- 
struction of the new line between Mammoth and Soda Butte. 
There is a little maintenance work to be dene on park lines 
/ before the opening ef the season, such as removing fallen 
timber, tightening up the line In places where times have 
fallen across it, making proper connections at stations which 
have been abandoned daring the winter, etc. Attempts to get 

for this vox* bar* not boon euooesoful thus far. Oar 
efforts to got a Ho— a at 4900 par annum to fill a Tsaanaj 
has also failed to date, sad thoro la still a Toaaany I to 
net holler© It can ho f Iliad at loaa than $1800 par 

Repair and malntonmoa of wator ayatan end bydre- 
, olootrlo power plant, fho pooor plant roof baa Vaan repaired 
/ since Juno lot, and the work of painting the floor at the 
power plant, and painting the pipe line, will ho dona aa 

aa praetloahlo. 

finishing the construction of the flrelane 

• of Tellovstone Hirer. 

Outting out and marking portions of the north, oast, 
ant west lwaodai lea af the park. If nan ana he prteuiad for 
the work* two arena are alnatj enraged an this 

•ultiratlan of land at the buffalo 
Hirer to prorlde hoy far buffalo and wild 
hoarae toon and drlror are now engaged there In 
sowing to oats far hay, the land plowed lent fall. Irrigating 
sane, and Irrigating who old meadows at the buffalo fan, aa 
well aa the oat crop sowed on the alfalfa field at Gardiner. 

•eaetruetioa of a cabin at the Gallatin ant 
who park, Inalndlng a anall lag barn and entrance gat 
A crew of men aeaiated by a anall deteehnant of enlisted nan 
are ilr sady at work getting oat the lege. 

a-~ «nd lnotallatlon of signs for all porta 
af the 

-v*^—.. of bra nan with light truck In 
aanltary work In the 

Caking aaaplas af voter need for 
culinary purposes In the perk, for teat aa to purity by the 
fubllo Health Serrlee. The laboratory Car "Hamilton' in 

of Ideut. Judaon, arrired at Oordlnar for this purpose 

Tuberculin teat of alien oowe used by hotels ai 
eanps In the park, by an in sp o o tar of the U. 3, Bureau o 


Anlnal Industry, an authorised by you. 

fhrto aw BBtor trunks, pwrohaaad by Clwll Knglnaar 
«. B. Ooodwin, warn rsoelrad daring the aonth, Inspected, ran 
from the depot at Gardiner to Hanmeth and stored. The 1-ten 
«• pat into oonnlaslon and will be used for 
c, leering the aid i-ton "lEO" trunk far una of 
tha lineman In repairing talaphana llnaa. 

In aaeardanaa with tha proelanation fcy tha 
rrosident. Bar »th was duly obeerwed In tha Park aa a day of 
publie humiliation, nrayer, and f anting. Appropriate 
aaranonlaa vara bald In tha paat ohapal at 11.00 AM and 6,00 
at, and all work, exoept u aaaaaa rj labor, was